We will hold the exhibition at Blythe Con Japan. The theme is “Happy Birthday Blythe!”.

The works of Vendors, which will be shown and sold at the Exhibition, could be custom dolls including outfits or without outfits, or only outfit without dolls. The Exhibition Room is on the 1st floor. Please do not miss the opportunity to become the owner of the wonderful works!

*How to purchase the Exhibition work

We ask all of you who wants to buy the items to write your name to attend the lottery during the exhibition. If more than one person wants to buy each item, the vendor will choose the buyer through the lottery.

The Lucky Winners who can buy the Lottery Items will be announced at 15:30 at the Basement Hall.

You can pay to the vendor directly at the vendor's table, Then you can receive the item there.

*The exihibition shedule

Exhibition Starts at 11:30 -

Exhibition Ends at 15:00 -

Lucky Winners who can buy the Lottery Items Announcement (Basement Hall) at 15:30





展覧会スタート: 11:30〜

展覧会終了: 15:00


Exhibition attendees

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*Mayrin*, aki0season, BlytheInJapan, Boutique・Buri, Calalka, Clap-clap, Dakawaiidolls, Decoration Box, Glass Moon,

HANON, Honey Drops, honoka, ikachan, kirara doll, Leopar*M, MEGU-MEGU, Miina Rinnut, mumudolly, Nijiya, pepino,

sankaku FRASCO., Tammymode, Toyロ, ちいさなお針子, みぃすけ, 熊印~女王様のマルシェ~, Honey Slash, MOMOLITA